Providing sellers with an exit while creating value for our clients.

Invest in Solar
We offer owners of solar projects to generate direct liquidity by selling their solar project while maintaining the benefits of generating and using the solar electricity. Operational projects provide historical data on which we can, among other factors, evaluate the quality of your solar project.

Looking to invest?

Benefits of investing in Solar Assets

Low price risk

Feed in Tariffs in target countries available for 20 yrs. Additional revenues from power sales to local user and Utility company. Government obligation to pay FiT and buy electricity; PV plants have priority dispatch in the grid.

Low volume risk

Stable annual kWh output (production very predictable) due to low standard deviation of annual solar irradiation and low technical risk. Actual performance has generally been better than budgeted.

Low market risk

EU renewable energy goals that have been transmitted from EU Directives into national laws provide strong driver for growth for renewable energy incl. solar PV. Manage subsidy risks diversifying over time and countries

Low technical risk

Mitigated by manufacturer’s and EPC’s performance guarantees and by strong O&M contract; Technical & performance risk is insured. Manage Mgmt Team risks by ensuring that Mgmt Team is incentivized by long-term performance of the projects.

Deal by deal approach

Deal by deal approach offers a mix of rooftop and ground-mounted projects, spreading the risk on different countries / locations and assets.

Outsourced management services

Opportunity to secure long term management services with an experienced asset management services company (Sunrock Investments Asset Management International)

Looking to sell Your Project?

Direct liquidity

Sunrock Investments is a European investment firm focused on acquiring operational or ready te develop solar projects. We offer direct owners of operational projects direct liquidity and all the benefits of solar energy without the financial, operational, and legal hassle. Increasing the local usage of the solar electricity, creating solid preventative maintenance procedures and optimizing the performance of the system are the main points we focus on after acquisition.

Quick analysis of your solar project

Sunrock Investments is expanding its current solar portfolio and is potentially interested in your project. Please contact us with your project information and we will get back to you shortly.